Monday, March 24, 2008

Journaling for my previous LO/el texto de mi página anterior

As two smart ladies made me note (ScrappingRocks and Marfa) I didn't add the journaling of my "Me at 26" LO, which of course seems like the logical thing to do, so here it is:
"ME AT 26
wife* scared and excited with the idea of having children* active scrapbooker* aunt* inactive taekwondoist* voter, always* learning how to use a camera*I have an opinion*graduate school student*trying to be a good wife*grant holder*I will complain if needed*diet starts on monday morning, ends on monday afternoon*blogger*sarcastic*blog lurker*retired english teacher*fashion police*documentary lover*owner of a few grey hairs*couple's club director* christmas freak*even tempered* I speak spanglish, sometimes...* always looking for new ways to get organized*joke teller*crazy in love*I can cook few dishes, but they come out OK* daughter and sister*I laugh easy, too easy*the one who raises the hand in class*self-proclaimed geek*love to sleep*with lots of plans for the future*happy*movie trivia machine*I love to litigate*owner of a forgotten, usually discharged and hardly-ever answered cell phone*Ms. know-it-all*frustrated musician*sensitive*bath tub singer (but not a bad one)*hug-a-holic*always looking for inspiration*ad hoc interior designer*big word user, incontrovertibly

NOTE:it is mostly all in spanish, so fellow spanish speakers just have to click on the photo to read, so I'll just write it in english here
Como me lo han hecho notar dos damas inteligentes (ScrappingRocks and Marfa) no había añadido el texto de mi página "yo a los 26" lo cual parece lo más lógico. Para los hispanohablantes como yo, basta con que le den click a la foto, lo he traducido arriba para los que no hablan el idioma.


Marfa said...

Gracias! I studied Spanish for 5 years in high school, but that was over 10 years ago (I just turned 30) I've forgotten some.

I hope your family had a happy Easter!


Alina, es un gusto saludarte por aqui amiga!!!! Tienes un blog muy bonito y unas páginas de scrap preciosas!!! Saludos desde México!!!

ஐBeatriz Jenningsஐ said...

wow! Trabajas bellisimo! gracias por compartir! :)