Tuesday, November 18, 2008

enough with the attitude/ ya basta con la actitud

What's with little girls these days and their attitude?, it is undeniably cute (seriously, the eyerolling, the crossed arms and all that) but attitude all the same.
Camille here is no exception, she usually says things like "don't even think I will go back to the stupid school" or "Discovery kids is for little babies", I find it annoying at times, amusing at others but I always wonder if I was ever like that. Hence the importance that my scrapbook pages have for me: she will know.
Jornaling reads:
"*school is not stupid
*Discovery kids is not just for little kids
*Yes, I do think you will eat your veggies
*Enough with the eyerolling
*Stop putting the word "stupid" before every noun
*You are 4, not 14
Now excuseme while I hide so that you don't see me crack up"
¿Que con las niñas de hoy día y su actitud?, es innegablemente lindo (en serio, los gestos y los brazitos cruzados y toda la cosas) pero igual es una mala actitud.
Camille, en la foto, no es una excepción. Usualmente dice cosas como "ni pienses que voy a volver a la tonta escuela" o "Discovery Kids es para bebecitos", lo cual se me hace muy molesto a veces y gracioso en otras, pero siempre me pregunto si yo era así en algún punto. De ahí la importancia que mis páginas tienen para mi: ella si lo sabrá.
El journaling dice:
"* La escuela no es tonta
*Discovery Kids no es para bebecitos
*Si, si creo que te vas a comer tus vegetales
*basta de girar los ojos
*Deja de poner la palabra "tonto" antes de cada sujeto
*tu tienes 4 años, no 14
Ahora excusame mientras me escondo para que no me veas carcajearme"
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Anthonette said...

What a cute idea for a scrapbook page! Thanks for making me laugh. My son is 5 and we already get a glimpse of a teenager when he had his little attitude. They are so funny!

Great picture of your daughter.

Leena said...

Lovely page, gets me think, that world is small, because my 4-year granddoughter looks the same sometimes and in another second just lovely. She wants to do everything herself and don't approve any help. Children in Finland go to school age of 7, but she is in daycare(?).
Have a nice day with your family!