Saturday, January 24, 2009

another pimped card/ otra tarjeta enchulada

As a matter of fact this was the first I redid, but I just didn't take a before pic. It looked like the one on my before on my previous post.
De hecho, ésta fue la primera que rehice, pero no se me ocurrió tirar una foto del antes. Se parecía mucho al "antes" en mi entrada anterior.

I even added a little something to the interior.
Hasta le agregué algo a la parte interior:

Later people, there are some other ugly cards that need my help. :)


Hasta luego amigos, hay otras tarjetas feas que requieren mi ayuda. :)


Jennifer said...

Hi! Love your cards and have a little request, if you are up for it some day - I'm gonna move to Santo Domingo in about 3-4 years, and am coming to visit next summer - I wondered if you wouldn't like to make a little blog entry about where you can find scrapbooking- and cardmaking stuff in Santo Domingo?? I'm sure that it would be great even for those who already live there and who follow your blog - if you dont just buy of the internet that is =)... Well, just an idea!


Alex said...

Que linda te quedo la tarjeta!

Odette said...

Alina, me gusta mucho como te quedo esa tarjeta