Friday, August 9, 2013

From blah to BAM: how to add oomph to your regular die cut felt flower

Hello there!

Surprise, surprise, I've taken on yet another crafty hobby, I'm making headbands now. It started as a way of saving money on my little girl's accesories (because, yeah, I had another, and it's a girl. One year old girl, actually), but it soon evolved into my latest obsession.

Anyhoo, I bring you this tutorial to take you regular store bought die cut felt flower to the next level by turning it into a rolled flower and then a headband if you'd like. Here we go:

1.- Cut your flowers going inwards from one of the edges of a petal:

2.- Continue cutting on a circular motion to the center of the flower:
 I find this works better when I don´t cut it too narrow. The narrower the cut, the "tighter", hence smaller, your final flower will be.

You'll end up with a wavy strip, like this.
3.- This is the fun part. Start rolling your felt strip, starting from the center (last part cut):

4.- You can glue as you go or wait until the end, wich I prefer as you can pull and re-roll and arrange as needed until you have the shape you want.

Now for the ribbon leaves

1.- fold your ribbon in half. I suggest a heavy grossgrain ribbon. I used polka dots because I feel it adds a a little whimsy to your otherwise plain colored flowers.

2.- Using very sharp scissors cut a half leaf shape starting and ending on the folded size. Burn the edges to avoid fraying and to make it look neater..

Glue your flowers together, finishe them with a little faux pearl, then glue your leaves to the little bunch, add an elastic, back it with felt circles in a coordinating color and:

Enjoy your brand new headband. You can use this flowers for cards decor of pretty much anything makes you happy, and you didn't need to buy an expensive die cut machine (and its dies), so your pocket will thak you too.

I  have this headband and others for sale on my Etsy Store.

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